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Last couple of weeks have been hectic by my own standards to say the least. Little Bobby is now a school boy and all that entails – school touring, interviewing, nail-biting waiting for an admission. After the big “Yay buddy! High 5 you got into school!”, enrollment paperwork, school uniforms, shoes, school bags, lunch boxes, books from book list, label-gunning, meet n greets… AND THEN first day of school…

Great Escape

I am the new mommy on the playground. I need an SUV and to be fully dressed each day for the transformation to be complete… No more falling out of bed and taking the kids to Montessori in pyjamas pants.

I’m pretty sure I know who I am. I’m Betty, Mrs Butter to most and mommy to Bobby & Ben. That’s how I introduce myself. I’m sure I’ll make friends with mommies who are just as easy-going.

That said, the daily drop off is keeping me up to date with the latest suburban housewife trends, I now know what’s in and what’s not – my berry lipstick is not quite early AM… But I’m keeping it anyways… That and I’ll be wearing my gym gear, because NP is still kicking my behind every other morning… I’m proud to say I jiggle less when I do my harem-girl dance for Babycakes on the weekends…

Speaking of harem girl dancing, I am en-route from a lovely mini-break with Babycakes ahead of Valentines Day. We went camping…


What were you expecting? You should know me better that that by now, Ha!


The Allure Stanthorpe is worth every moment… And there was a lovely hot tub….We opted for the Gourmet BBQ pack our first night – yummy scallops, prawns, calamari, duck, fillet mignon and a gorgeous ricotta/chocolate pudding with rasberry compote… These folks definitely speak my love language – FOOD!


I have now come to realize how important it is to throw off the Mommy/Daddy aprons for a minute and be Wifey/Boobookins… We were able to just focus on each other.


R&R – Rest & Relaxation Reconnection. Proud to say that we are re-plugged in. We got a chance to really talk, re-evaluate and re-affirm our vows. We reminisced our earlier fights during the infamous first year of marriage as well as how much we have grown together and separately in this marriage. Trust me, men talk… Especially when it is stress-free  environment or without it being for conflict resolution or with argumentative undertones.

(Unfortunately no pictures of the costume… Babycakes would not forgive me… but feel free to let your imagination run wild)

While you can not put a price on undisturbed Sleep & Se… It was strange not to wake up for midnight feeds or little cold feet sneaking into your bed early in the morning, no demands to get up and make breakfast NOW Mommy!… Just the two of us, strolling around cute little shops, browsing little wineries without the pressures of The Schedule/ The Routine. We both drank wine (we usually keep 1 person completely sober in case of midnight trips to the Emergency Room), ate some gourmet food ( no Peppa Pig pancakes on the menu)… We were adults.
great_escape6It was hard to leave our little guys… We were suppose to arrive at 3pm but I was so nervous, pottering around the house, cooking every possible meal, baking cakes  and cookies, stocking and re-checking the re-stock of food supplies, running over their routines with Our Helpers – Our favourite person is TL. Without TL we could not possible have left our little monsters… She is Godmother extraordinaire… She even provided 2am updates, that yes he has had his bottle, no he is not crying for you, yes I havent forgotten to pack the swim bag…why are you texting me? don’t you have your husband to do?!


I am now completely re-energized for the next little while…

Oh yes, before I go, in keeping with the whole tent/harem theme, try my Lamb & Apple Balls served with Mint Yoghurt… they are delish… Who knows you might start dance-of-the-seven-unveiling on the weekends yourself!

Lamb Apple Mint

xx BB


Olivia put some red lipstick on, fluffed her hair and smiled. “Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life.” she breathed to herself in the mirror grinning like the Cheshire cat .

I’m Betty, and Butter is a story of a full-time suburban SAHM ( Stay-At-Home-Mom) who practices Medicine in her spare time. My life heavily revolves around Babycakes, my husband, Bobby and Ben, my children and an acerbic tongued pug D’Artagnan.

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