Prep Performance marks the end of an era


Running late for Bobby’s Prep Performance Christmas 2015. There was my little Bobby, almost a Year 1 standing on stage in an angel costume. Yes, I know – the angel costume.

When Babycakes and I heard he was to be an angel, we looked at each other first BEFORE we asked his horrified teacher if all the roles of broccoli and sheep were taken? Perhaps she planned on sewing together some red hot glittery horns to go with that satin white robe she proposed our Bobby wear? No, she said, Bobby was an angel. And with an indignant twirl, her parting words were that he better have his lines memorised for the term ahead. We shook our heads. She had to be sniffing the glue again. Or maybe we were terrified of some awful stage-fright experience that would haunt our Bobby for the rest of his days…

So far Bobby has done well to prepare himself for the big performance…

Winning his second principal’s Award…


Playing his first Piano Recital in front of over 100 people…



What we were worried about, I will never know. In any case, I had to have bubbles to cope with all this achievement… Pink bubbles, no less.


Fast forward to the morning of the the big night, the Lipsticks gathered outside the class room plotting how to bag good seats, as well as the shocking discovery that no, our year would not be receiving a complimentary film of the performance by a professional videographer. Something about paperwork and too much hassle and releases. Anyways, the point being, we would have to film it by hand. I suggested smuggling a professional as some long-lost family member with hidden talents that would bear fruit in mass distributions of USB key-rings bearing the highlights of the evening. BUT, no sooner did I suggest that, that I followed it up with a discussion on, whether we were missing out on some age-old rite of passage – home-video making of your child’s  precious moments. How much outsourcing was too much outsourcing in this parenting business?

While the thought of dancing the theatre isles with a camera, trying to wrangle the best camera angle along of all the parents around us doing the same, would we be missing out greatly on the whole affair? Or were we as parents suppose to enjoy the experience, not in the entirety of the performance on stage, but in the memories to be dregged up in years ahead of sweaty camera holding, while ignoring repeated pleas to “sit dow, i can’t see!”?

Nevertheless, the “long lost family member” routine was not required. The videographer I had in mind was busy – a hot date with a model from a recent shoot. Somehow the filming of 5-7 year olds at a critical moment of their showbiz careers did not bear up against the nubile body of some 22 year old staring at her iceberg lettuce as it threatened to jump on her thighs reborn as cellulite.

No I managed to film Bobby myself, not in focus mind you, but the audio is superb.

The greatest surprise of the night was that my little Bobby performed a solo. How that little boy kept that a complete secret for months from Babycakes and I, no one will ever know. I think the only one who may have known was Ben – he happily babble-sang in tune with his big brother from his seat. But as we clutched each others hands with tears in our eyes, I felt love pride, admiration and an extreme amount of achievement in Bobby. This is the moment where your belief in your child and his abilities really comes through. If you have no idea what I am referring to, Potty training. A Silent Film is the blog post you want to give you some context. Parents out there, believe in your ability to always, ALWAYS do what is best for your babies. Babycakes, I love you, I love our babies, I love the family we have been blessed with. Please do not stop being the excellent Father you are.


Anyways, I got a little taste for the glitz and glamour of the screen myself the very next day. You will be pleased to know that in addition to the summer e-book we will be releasing shortly, Betty Butter Blog has been filming!



Be patient, all will be revealed in time… But while you wait, try out my yummy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream recipe… It will cool your hot Queensland days…

While you prepare for surprises ahead, I will draw your attention to the fact that I am in the process of saying goodbye to the wonderful angels who have been teaching my Bobby for the past year. It’s so sad. It’s scary. And daunting. Not just for the kids, but for us too. Because in the big shake up next year, not only will the kids be needing to be making new friends in their new classrooms, but there will definitely be less Lipsticks and more Handbags… Roll on 2016


I’m Betty, and Butter is a story of a full-time suburban SAHM ( Stay-At-Home-Mom) who practices Medicine in her spare time. My life heavily revolves around Babycakes, my husband, Bobby and Ben, my children and an acerbic tongued pug D’Artagnan.

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3 responses to “Prep Performance marks the end of an era”

  1. Congrats to Bobby!!

    Can’t wait to see the e-book and the results of your filming!

    SSG xxx

  2. A big week for your family, Jeni! Hope the filming and eBook come off hitch-free 🙂

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