I’ve been a busy bee this week.
I had my friend Es down from Far Away. C came over and we had an impromtu cupcake icing masterclass. We also comsumed a bottle of bubbly, watched the finale of Game of Thrones season 4 and discussed life… specifically Es’ dating life. I felt 25 all over again. It was great.
My sister-in-law sent me a link for a chocolate cake recipe. But in true Betty fashion, I revamped it, made cupcakes and had a taste test… believe it or not, this week, 6 dozen chocolate cupcakes have been consumed, in, around and from this household! I think the recipe is ready for it’s Debut.

Betty’s “Ooh La La It’s Chocolate Cupcakes” Cupcakes

   I like to make my own buttermilk. It’s one of mygreatest cost saving tips. No one ever uses an entire pint of buttermilk. Most of it goes to waste. We are a lacto-free household for the most part so I get the UHT lactofree milk. I buy lemons for various reasons. Ergo, I have buttermilk whenever I need it
     Most Chocolate cake recipes ask you to use hot-water. I find it unnecessary. Plus in my humble opinion it dries out your cake
    I usually immediately substitute for butter whenever I see vegetable oil in a recipe. HOWEVER I made 2 batches, 1 wholly with butter and another with veg oil and a bit of butter. I learned a valuable lesson that the high fat content of the veg oil helps retain moisture. Besides, if you use my easy swiss meringue buttercream icing, you will get that butter flavour eventually.
I usually mix dark chocolates of varying cocoa content. I find the higher cocoa content chocolates add extra depth of savoury flavour to the dishes.

Fast Forward to later in the afternoon. I awake from a brief “micro-sleep”, to find this.

I seem to have a big chair-climbing-to-get-to-the-counter rat.

R also stopped by for a Business Meeting this week. R is quadruple threat. She’s a full time O. She cooks. Well. She’s a marathon-running-yoga-aficionado. And she’s now a part-time carer mommy to  her partner’s offspring. Did I also mention she’s the most beautiful person I know, inside AND out?

Yes. Serious girl-crushing here.

I would like to think I could be her in another lifetime. But I love Butter, lack the discipline and despise the treadmill. Despise.

We have not had much time to catch up. What, with the birth of Ben, The Big Move and Breastfeeding, it’s been particularly difficult on my part to have a decent social life.

R brought Little Dear over. He is a year older than Bobby and already has the hands-behind-the-back strutt of a budding young gent. Best of all, he has developed a unique sense of social graces. As his “Bring” he brought me fresh parsley from his veggie patch. What a sweetheart! (wait till you see what I did with it)

R doesn’t know it yet, but she has The Touch. I only wish she could see it for herself. She’s very mindful not to overstep The Bounds.

I relayed my Journey to R ending in the realization that I am now comfortable in my role. Even though, in her line of work, R must hear all this a million times, she patiently listens.

Mainly she touched on the fact that The Journey is rarely told by mothers in its entirety. Many gloss over the “un-sexy” bits of the story, in part by The Guilt. Or in some cases, to maintain the facade of The Mother-Earth-Goddess.

We ate more cupcakes, drank tea and laughed. I almost felt normal.

Today I mulled over The Life with E. Mainly, my feelings on letting my career take a detour into Mommyland. Have I made a mistake? What if Babycakes decides to trade me in 5, 6 years from now? Will I regret having “let myself go”?

E, being the fount of wisdom that she is, simply asked ” Why are you so insecure?”. I guess I never saw it that way.

As one often does, E acted as a sounding board. I talked, she listened. We drank some Fuel and all was right with the world again.

On the way home, I mused over the fact that perhaps I was being influenced by the breakdown of the 30 year alliance between Daddykins and Mommy-Dearest. Daddykins now lives in S Far Far Away with  B New Squeeze. Mommie Dearest is still… Well… Dear.

Nothing like firing up the oven to lift your blood sugar… And out of the doldrums.

Betty’s Steak, Brocolini and Eggplant Pizza Rustica

7/ Apply cheese
8/ Bake for further 8 minutes

Slice as desired and sprinkle
liberally with Parmesan cheese

Have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying my new Bread maker. I am.
Here’s my bread recipe in graphics only. This time I used The French Bread program. I think my bread just officially got better… Or It’s just getting prettier with more tweaking!

Word(s) of the Day
The Big Move – Recent relocation to The New Digs. Betty and
Babycakes were insane to undertake this alone without the appropriate
professionals. I suppose by the time you have an X-month old strapped in a
harness to your chest, heaving a 3 seater-couch out of a rental van at 01:23am
you’re already fully committed. Did I mention we did this at 01:23am? Yeah,
re-enacting a silent film, trying not to be “those neighbours” – we were well aware
that we would have to live beside these people for at least a year.

Bring“– Socially accepted unspoken rule to bring when told not to bring a thing
The Touch – a rarely bestowed upon gift, given to those that do not as yet possess their own offspring, remaining dormant until they are child-adjacent at which point the Little ones become aware that a “Whisperer” is among them.
TheBounds – Rules of etiquette required to be followed by new partners in order to respect  the permanent role of the bearer of their partner’s offspring. Essential for The Life.
The Journey – The carrying, birthing, nursing and raising of one’s offspring. In other words, becoming a mother and all it encompasses – the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental

The Guilt – Every good mother feels it. The feeling that one is not a good mother. Felt and rarely spoken of.
The Mother-Earth-Goddess – How are you? “ I’m fine. Everything is fine. Hunny is fine. Darlings are fine”. Big smile under even bigger dark sunnies, just above baby-sick encrusted partially-washed-thrown on T-shirt. The lie we all live by.
Daddykins – Betty’s Father. Admittedly she loves the bones off of him. She is aware he is human and therefore imperfect.
New Squeeze – Daddykins new partner.
 Mommy-Dearest – Seen the movie? Read the book? Enough said.


I’m Betty, and Butter is a story of a full-time suburban SAHM ( Stay-At-Home-Mom) who practices Medicine in her spare time. My life heavily revolves around Babycakes, my husband, Bobby and Ben, my children and an acerbic tongued pug D’Artagnan.

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