New Year, New You

I resolved not to make new year resolutions, a good few New Years ago.. maybe a couple vows. here and there.


When I met HIH for our Dummy Spit, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Our Place served a carbon copy of my new improved Green Goo ( spinach, kale, juice 1 whole lemon, celery and 1 apple and ice). NP would have been proud.

New green goo

New green goo

Then I came home and made this – My Carbonara. Not to toot my own horn, but A is Italian, and even with my blasphemous use cream, she says it is the best she ever had! Yes even compared to her Nonna!


But most note worthy,  girls, I am definitely a skinnier, stronger and fitter new me, thanks to NP and her punishment work outs. Please bear in mind it’s been under 10 sessions so far, but that woman is Dynamite! my nice jeans are too big, my cheap skinnies are all that fit.

I am now the new, skinny cow #Moo.

I am back to my rock-climbing roots… Look at how much Bobby has grown from his first ever climb to this week!

Bobby aged 4 years

Bobby aged 4 years

Bobby aged 2 years

Bobby aged 2 years

One of the promises I made, was to find, love and accept myself. I think I have completed my transformation  in the last couple years… It’s great! And it’s liberating. Just ask my lingerie drawer.

But by far, the biggest change came in the company I keep. Just the other day I noticed, the women I call my friends have swollen in ranks to consist of Leading Ladies… The Supporting Actresses are at a bare minimum.  

Leading Ladies

Leading Ladies

For the longest time, I gravitated toward the Supporting Actress types. The kind that make you feel bad about yourself.

How to spot a Supporting Actress? She is that fashionable bride, who is “color-blind” in choosing bridesmaid dresses. You will both never speak of this evil. It will be the big, orange, tulle. purple sequined,  green stillettoed elephant sitting in the corned of your relationship.

I have great sympathy for that bride. In that moment she let the world know she her confidence could only come at the expense of another.

The bridesmaids shone at our wedding. Both Pixie- Minx and Turkish Delight were the first Leading Ladies I ever had as friends. I was proud and privileged to have them there that day. I never thought for one minute to have them look less than the fabulous women that they are. And let’s face it, they are women enough to not let me!

Turkish Delight & Pixie-Minx

Turkish Delight & Pixie-Minx

Turkish Delight & Pixie-Minx

Turkish Delight & Pixie-Minx


IMG_4393 It wasn’t my best hair or make-up day. But there were only one pair of eyes I needed to see me.  And ladies, if you for one second doubt your ability to hold his attention, should you be walking down that aisle? Topic. Another Day.





Yes Supporting Actresses in a word – Insecure, with a side of Bit--, Witch.

The most amazing part about having Leading Ladies as your main gal pals, they are fun to be around in comparison to an evening with a Supporting Actress spent decoding mind games – “Darling, you are so clever making these cupcakes. It’s no wonder you haven’t the time to wash your hair or sort out those chipped nails. Absolutely yummy! Any chance of the recipe?”. 

With leading Ladies, I always walk away from every encounter empowered, enlightened and enriched from our interactions. No time for those silly arguments about who said what about whom. We demonstrate we value each others opinions, and we are courteous to each other. Any issues are dealt with intelligibly, respectfully articulating our feelings and resolving our differences.


So be the Leading Lady of your own life. Life is too short to be anything less. And let’s face it, it only through love and acceptance we truly see ourselves. And from there confidence grows.

All my favorite Leading Ladies out there, thank you! To all the Supporting Actresses, I hope you find the inner strength to be confident without the need to diminish others.

If you ever did it, in the quietness of your own heart, do you secretly regret making that horrid bridesmaid dress decision?And if you ever had to wear one, did you and your friend ever talk about that “elephant”? Love to hear from you on this issue!

xxx BB


Word(s) of the Day

Dummy Spit – Downloading/offloading/throwing a wobbly with your trusted com-padre. Warranted or not, silly or not, we all need to do it. Vent sesh.

Our Place – the equivalent of Central Perk to myself and HIH. And yes, we have our own reserved seating.

 Leading Lady; strong, confident, secure, honest but within the bounds of etiquette and diplomacy. Not afraid to be kind to her fellow woman; a builder-upper, not a knocker-downer. But most of all attracts and is most comfortable in the presence of other Leading Ladies. Because a true Leading Lady in a room full of Leading Ladies will shine no matter what. Short, tall, fat or small, be you, be fabulous!

Supporting Actress; See long winded explanation. Avoid.



I’m Betty, and Butter is a story of a full-time suburban SAHM ( Stay-At-Home-Mom) who practices Medicine in her spare time. My life heavily revolves around Babycakes, my husband, Bobby and Ben, my children and an acerbic tongued pug D’Artagnan.

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