The Journey of Motherhood and being ‘Sage’

Babycakes and I, just made it to 5 years!


It has been an amazing ride.

If you still haven’t realised how desperate I am to get back into shape . This is what I’m trying to get back to.


I recently tried out an aqua aerobics class at F****** F**** Lutwyche. I was half the age of the other participants.

Geriatric jokes aside, if you actually follow the instructor hardcore you will
feel the burn afterwards. Also the socialising is fantastic. I’m looking
forward to other Saturday classes with the (Golden) girls.

I will begin with a caveat that I am halfway through a nice bottle of red
wine brought to me by E, all the way from the vineyards of Adelaide,

Dinner was a full-scale production – 4 courses. As a lover of la bonne vie, I have decided to serve dinner as is done on the daily, by households across the country in France.


I started preparing at 17:02 and realised we were in the second course by
19:08. So score 1 for efficiency, 2 for the fact that Bobby ate more
veggies in one sitting than he ever has in his whole life, 3 for
simplicity and 4 for flair. That’s a full 10!

All the relevant dishes are placed on the table at once, so they are served
in turn. I placed the Salmon in the serving dish immediately out of the
pan. By the time it was time to serve, it was completely rested.

So the first course is usually some vegetables, commonly some shredded
carrots dressed in vinaigrette. Then comes the protein (we had Salmon
marinated in a rosemary butter) with carbohydrates ( baked potato & I
sneaked in some kale chips). A further course of lettuce (placed in a
salad bowl with some balsamic vinegar on the bottom). This will be
tossed just before serving) to cleanse the palate.

And finally a small piece of cheese. This mini dose of fat helps to ensure satiety.
For me, this is the best bit, anything to help me drop that weight!

I ensured I followed the doctrine of not forcing him to eat all. All I
asked of him was to eat one bite of each course. And he did! When it
came to the potatoes and kale he had seconds.


The only thing I will say is it was quite labor intensive and I had
Babycakes how to rally the troops and conduct bath time while I
concentrated on the meal ahead. I can’t promise it will be an everyday
occurrence. I will aim for 3 times a week and hope I get more.

Did I mention how well behaved Bobby was? completely Sage. Probably the excitement of seeing what comes next!

Salmon with Rosemary Butter.


And the Lemon and Poppy seed Muffins… Still a bit on the dry side. I will post the recipe once it’s just… right.

But most of all, I think this week I finally found peace. It has been a
rocky 4 years, this entire journey into motherhood ( ol’ Boney faced
nothing in Waterloo compared to this).

As I said to E, you’re just a DINK minding your own business. You find
yourself knocked up and just as you get used to the idea of being
pregnant, a little baby is squealing in your arms.

Next thing you know your boobs are sagging, your barely there G-string is replaced by
control top undies in a very unflattering color called “flesh”, both
yourself and Beluga whales get confused by marine biologists on a beach
and a lie-in is anything up until 07:22am.

Your career becomes the steam train pulling out of the station when you arrive late onto that platform!

That was Bobby.

With Ben, Ben was a choice.

A rough pregnancy again (thank you HG), weight gain, gestational diabetes, insomnia and sleepless nights. This time around, fully embraced. I am revelling in it… make room in
the motherhood-mud, girls, there’s a new sow in town!

I am not juggling, I am wearing the hat of Mother.

How did I know it? when I saw Ben’s first tooth 3 days ago and the thought of having to wean him, brought tears to my eyes.

You have two choices. You can spend your life chasing that steam train from
station to station lamenting how far behind you are and how much you
have lost.

Or you can wait, board the next train to a similar or different destination, not caring where you end up, but enjoying the company of the little passengers with you on your

I just finally entered the phase of my life where I’ve boarded that next train.

Word(s) of the day

Sage – French for good behaviour. It’s a good one. Encapsulates the beauty of it.

The Biscuit – aka the shiznik…  perfection. The Perfection.

I’m Betty, and Butter is a story of a full-time suburban SAHM ( Stay-At-Home-Mom) who practices Medicine in her spare time. My life heavily revolves around Babycakes, my husband, Bobby and Ben, my children and an acerbic tongued pug D’Artagnan.

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2 responses to “The Journey of Motherhood and being ‘Sage’”

  1. So true what you wrote about travelling in the company of the little travellers these days. I feel the same.

    Laughing out loud re the Golden Girls. I have met a few over the years at the pool. Inspired by their excellent baking for post swim cups of coffee and general resilience. Their skin sparkles in a way an Estee Lauder ad campaign can only try to emulate but fail miserably.

    It is a long and hard road to body pre baby. I am here at 18 months post only one child and still trying hard.

    Love and light and sorry for essay.

    SSG xxx

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