Merry Christmas from Betty

Greece, burning branches to determine your luck

Merry Christmas Ladies. This Christmas, Betty, Kate and Pearl provide you with their personal stories how they celebrate Christmas with their families. Mixed in between the stories are interesting Christmas traditions from around the world. How do you celebrate Christmas with your loved ones, do you have any special traditions, please do share. Happy reading ladies.

Christmas with Betty’s family

Christmas in the Butter House is – new pyjamas on Christmas eve and the promise of new toys for good boys. After bedtime, while we work hard to finish off Santa’s work – wrapping new toys, icing the last of the christmas cookies – Babycakes and I as we sit up till midnight, hands held in prayer, then a quick sip of bubbles before bed.



Austria, good luck and marriage

Christmas morning brings the promise of new toys as rewards for good behaviour. As Babycakes and I watch the new toys being unwrapped, we reflect on the journey of our little family so far. Babycakes and I have never bought ourselves anything. Initially money was tight and so well always did our very best to ensure the kids got a fantastic christmas – toys and christmas lunch/dinner. Now we both have remarked on how full our hearts are – with Love. No money, no jewels, no handbags or heels can ever compare to the love shared in our little family.



Finland, New Years predictio

After the mimosas for breakfast, champagne and seafood for lunch and turkey for dinner, we find time to watch some of my favourite old classics – Gone with the Wind follows breakfast, Miracle on 42nd street, then Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen prefer Blondes after Tea. But What would life be without Singing’ In the Rain before bedtime


Christmas with Kate’s family

Christmas is a special time of year in my family. From the beginning of December we position the tree in the best place of the lounge room for Santa’s access and decorate accordingly. Kevin, Keira and Kyle all join in and place the star on top of the tree for the finishing touch and we sit back and admire the creation that’s been made. Our tree is decorated with the traditional baubles and ornaments, as well as the special ones that have come home from daycare with the gorgeous photos and creations made throughout the year.

Venezuela, get your rollerskates on!

Christmas eve entails putting the token milk and cookies out for Santa, the carrots for his reindeer. We all snuggle up together on the couch and watch a traditiontal Christmas movie, something that will keep the kids entertained for at least more than an hour. Sipping on milk and enjoying the left over cookies as we eagerly await the arrival of Santa. We usually stick to a strict bed time however on Christmas Eve I think we can forgo that in the hope that the kids might sleep in a little past 5am the next morning.

United Kingdom, kiss beneath the mistletoe.

The morning of Christmas the kids eagerly run to see what Santa has bought them and filled their stockings with that were hung the night before. This is followed by a day of enjoying food! A nice breakfast, usually something entailing bacon and eggs. Lunch is with extended family, Grandma arriving with more presents than she can fit in a few arm loads to and from the car. The kids of course are so excited to have more gifts and we celebrate with a long lunch filled with ham, smoked salmon, prawns and beautiful salads. After lunch, all enjoy a long nap and perhaps a swim at grandma’s in the afternoon. A wine or two or three or four, with rum balls of course and if we feel like dinner we have left overs that are scrumptious from lunch.


Christmas with Pearl’s Family
I love Christmas! I love putting up the Christmas tree; putting on ornaments, tinsel, lights and finally the sparkly Angel that was made by our eldest at kindy last year on top! All while listening to daggy Christmas music. It is an eclectic tree, not fancy or colour coded like those seen in the glossy magazines, but beautiful in its own right.

The pre-Christmas BBQs are fun! I love cooking for friends and having their laughter fill the house. I love snuggling on the couch with my beloved and watching Love Actually after the hoards leave and the kids are tucked into bed.

Sweden, finding the almond for marriage!

I love buying Christmas presents but my favourite part is giving! Giving a gift is the ultimate present for me and playing Santa is the best! I love sneaking the presents in the bag and watching my angels faces light up on Christmas morning.

I come from a blended family so I travel and spend Christmas with the different factions and try to make everyone happy. My family and I spend Christmas Eve with my grandparents and extended family in a typical European Christmas Eve style. After dinner we sing carols near the Christmas tree and exchange gifts.


Poland, drawing straws to predict the future

Christmas Day is usually spent with my parents, extended family and my in-laws from interstate. Frank Sinatra sings Christmas carols in the background as we eat breakfast. Our kids give our presents to the adults and then we give our angels theirs to open. The excitement is palpable. I love the atmosphere that Christmas brings to the house. Everyone is happy, excited, loving and huggy. It is unlike any other day in the year!! I love it.

After the presents are opened, boxes and wrapping paper played with (you know the wrappers are the best part, right?!). We usually make our famous family Christmas punch to indulge in throughout the day – pineapple juice, Midori, Gin, fruit and ice. The extended family and any friends we have invited so they are not alone, arrive and the chaos and celebration truly begins. Dinner is something from Masterchef, thanks to my talented parents. We are all kicked out of the kitchen and BBQ area as the preparation begins. The turkey is basted, poked and turned over several hours and creates as feast of the senses with delicious aromas wafting through the neighbourhood. I always have to watch my glass of red closely as my step dad is a renowned wine thief. I often see my glass being carried to the turkey. After a spectacular meal we go for a walk, watch a movie and collapse into a deep happy sleep.

Czech Republic, shoe tossing- how adventurous!

I asked my eldest what Christmas was to her, this is the response “what is Christmas to me? Mmmmmm. Christmas is where I give people presents. I like giving people presents. I like opening presents too but my favourite part is giving presents.” My heart melted and even as I type I reach over for the tissues. My heart swelled with pride. Somewhere along the way we got something right!

Merry Christmas ladies!

2015 ended with of course the New Years Kiss


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