How to Kick Post-Holiday Blues

Festive season

You’ve opened all the presents, recovered from the over indulgance in food and uploaded your holiday photos to Facebook. But now that the trimmings are gone and parties are over, are you feeling down? It might come as no surpirse that seasonal blues often reach their peak once the festivities have ended.

As joyous as they can be, the stress and expectations associated with the holidays can overwhelm us, I know they do for me with the lead up to Christmas, plenty of socialising, cooking, gift shopping, travelling, and tying up loose ends at work—all of which amplify stress and leave little room for yourself to relax and really de-stress.

Here at the Betty Butter Blog, we’ve reviewed and providing you with some helpful tips to get over those post-holiday blues.

Staying constantly connected. If you’re like me and have trouble totally turning off during the holidays, you might stress about what awaits you on your return to work. Some suggest we all need a break from constantly checking our internet, facebook, instgram and the like in order to really let go. Perhaps you need to schedule a no screen time to reconnect with your baby cakes and kids. A park outing, walk around the block or simple sit down and chat always helps.

Food-frenzied festivities. Let’s face it, the holiday period is a time when we are not so strict on our diet and tend to over-eat. We sometimes feel pressure to try so and so’s finest cooking, and so as to not be rude, we do find ourselves indulging a little more often than normal. Try to have a healthy day in between all those parties and get back on track with eating normal again.

Compliment yourself. After weeks of indulging in sugary, fatty desserts, skimping on fruits and veggies, and forgoing the gym, it will take some effort to resume a healthier regimen. The key, put some patience on your plate. Your first week back from the holidays is about readjusting and resuming your regular routine. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t check off all the items on your to-do list the first day back at work. And try not to set expectations unreasonably high. If you don’t like going to the gym or you’ve always had a sweet tooth, you can’t expect to magically be able to cut carbs and hit the treadmill six days a week.

Memories. A huge part of keeping our spirits up after the holidays relies on tweaking our attitude toward the positive. Instead of wallowing under the weight of obligation, remember the good experiences you had during the holidays. Focus on the beauty of the lights and decorations, the memories,and fun times had with the family.

Looking forward. Scheduling some fun activities for the New Year can be a helpful boost to our mood. A movie night with friends, a nice dinner out, a relaxing massage, may be all it takes. It’s the anticipation of fun that counts.

With the holidays over and work in full swing, many of us might experience dips in mood, motivation, and energy. Getting back on track takes a few weeks, so take it easy as you transition back to a normal routine. Avoid lofty expectations, schedule fun outings to look forward to, and don’t forget to unplug!

Source: How to Kick Post-Holiday Blues

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