In Which Betty Meets Her Idol

You know how they tell you not to meet your idols in person? Well I did… She’s fabulous!


My first Cathy Kelly book was Woman to Woman. I was a spotty teenager holed up in a convent boarding school library in the wilds of Connemara. Snivelling and battling a cold, I took “her” into my dorm room, drinking copious cups of tea till dawn – with a torch after lights-out. Needless to say I fell in love. Some books just make you jump out of bed, pick up your spine and get dressed. Pound that pavement. Get your dreams, girlfriend!

Her books defined my late teens and 20’s. My dating life, anyway. From her I learned how to spot a loverat. The cheating husband. The wastrel boyfriend. The hot-quiet-brooding-type-just-waiting-to- be-your-Happily-ever-After-if-you-could-open-your-eyes-and-give-him-a-chance Type. Not to mention the passionate transition guy – you know what I mean ladies. That young backpacker/Italian/Spanish hottie, passing through town, needing a bed for a few weeks, willing to make your toes curl Guy. That guy.

But I also read how women can support each other and your closest friend could be around the corner or next door if you would only take the time to invite her for tea…

So yes I finally got to meet her…. After 16 years!

What does one wear to fulfill a dream? I hope I didn’t disappoint.


On a side note – this dress was my first proper LBD, it is Laura Ashley and I bought it when I was 22! Found it at the back of my wardrobe and it fits. #WINNING!!


A pint-sized dynamo, she did not disappoint. I was such an eager beaver I went to both her literary Lunch and her evening do at the Irish Club.

I got a copy of her latest signed.



Isn’t she sweet? She actually remembered me at both events. We hugged, we laughed, I hope our paths cross again.



Reading is such a Luxury now that you have kids. M and I have vowed to take a reading holiday. Soon.

The holiday goes as follows, we drive to a lovely hotel no more than 1 hour away. Go to the pool and lounge beside it, all day, reading books, taking a dip as required. Cocktails essential. Later on, we soak in the bath before dinner, get dressed in our best Pyjamas, order room service and read some more. Talking is over rated.

The key to success is we swap phones that have been put on silent. That way she can guilt-freely press decline on all call from Babycakes and I return the kindness re: her hubby. Perfect.

We should have married each other.

I’m Betty, and Butter is a story of a full-time suburban SAHM ( Stay-At-Home-Mom) who practices Medicine in her spare time. My life heavily revolves around Babycakes, my husband, Bobby and Ben, my children and an acerbic tongued pug D’Artagnan.

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