Fun and Flu Tea

Earlier this week I stumbled over to the neighbour’s house, freshly baked cake in hand, for a very long overdue coffee date. They had had a new baby. 9 weeks ago.

I was completely buzzed. I had the flu and in an effort to “dry”myself out, so I’d pass nothing along but best wishes, I medicated. Somehow, warm fortified wine is the elixir of life when one has the flu. Just ask all the nannas back in Ireland, they’ll tell you what you’ve been missing.

I love a hot port. Yes even in 30+ degree weather here, Down Under, the flu is still the flu. Sunnies and slippers will do nothing for ye. No, what you need is a doona (duvet) and aircon (For the doona and a hot port). Cold & flu tabs optional.


If you haven’t had one here’s my version. I love the aroma the infusion of cloves, Lemon with and honey wafting up your nose as you take a sip. It smells like christmas in a cup to me. Many a  cold winter’s day in Ireland was spent sipping one of these bad boys with a good book beside a fire.


I realised my favourite mug can hold TWO serves…

IMG_0322Now go visit a friend with the flu and take home  more than her gratitude away with you.

Anyways… Baby F – cute, poor thing. He had colic his mom said. I figured as much. We could hear the colic each night.

I couldn’t help but pick him up and rock him. he obliged with a fair few farts for my efforts. His dad walked in just as I was leaving to get dinner on for my lot. B practically threw him to S, snatching up the keys, racing for the door, under the pretext of needing to collect their eldest from kindy.

Ah, the early days… Nothing like visiting a new arrival to stop your ovaries ovulating. They should stop wasting money teaching safe sex in schools with poorly veiled threats of STDs. Nothing a visit to the nearest labor ward. The moans of a woman in the thrashing around in the throes of labor will quite effortlessly extol the virtues of abstinence! Ha.

I came home a lot less buzzed from my mid-afternoon wine Wednesday (for the flu, of course) and a lot more grateful for Ben’s progress into the lovely baby phase. I mean suddenly my tears and and sighs imagining him growing, walking and leaving me, seemed absolutely ludicrous.

Did I ever tell you E has her own special way of acknowledging new life into the world – “Poor B—–“she says.. tee hee. Oh, E! so aptly put.

How are you all? any new arrivals in your hood? And if its you, mid bun-in-oven or contemplating it, never mind me – sure I’ve had two myself. It can’t be THAT bad *wink.

xx B

I’m Betty, and Butter is a story of a full-time suburban SAHM ( Stay-At-Home-Mom) who practices Medicine in her spare time. My life heavily revolves around Babycakes, my husband, Bobby and Ben, my children and an acerbic tongued pug D’Artagnan.

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2 responses to “Fun and Flu Tea”

  1. Hope you’re better today, Betty. I do like the sound of your soothing tea.

    When I first brought my toddler home as a newborn, I often thought of those first weeks and the labour ward shenanigans as better sex ed than anything I’d learned at school.

    SSG xxx

    • Hi SSG,

      Feeling much better, thanks.

      Not missing the rough side of those first few weeks… But if only you could bottle that new baby smell and store that new baby feel for whenever you get a craving…

      Xx B

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