Father’s Day / Business Meetings

This year for Father’s day, Babycakes got the full works – Pancakes, freshly baked Apple Gallettes, Crispy Skin Duck with Plum Sauce.

Apple Gallettes

To ensure I get the same next year I got him this – The Step-by-step Cook’s Encyclopedia”. Wish me luck, girls. He’ll either serve up something that is suppose to be something… Or He’ll burn down the house.

betty butter blog food photography

Don’t worry we are fully insured.

I decided to forgo the fancy gifts – cuff-links, cologne, ties. We went for heart-strings. Do you think we tugged hard enough?

Kids Books

I posted up a recipe recently for my new improved lactation cookies (or Boobie biccies, depending on how old you are… Yes K, I’m looking at you.). A friend recently had a beautiful much longed for little boy. He’s gorgeous. No piccies, take my word for it.


As I chatted with her at the Sip ‘n’ See, I was taken back to my post-baby Ben days, trying to maintain a social life on a strict budget. I was happy to pass along some of my tips. especially the bit about cornering introducing yourself to fellow mom’s at daycare also wielding new bubs or bumps;

5 tips on Hosting  a Mummy Date in your very own “Cafe” (aka hosting a Business Meeting like a Boss)

Networking with other new mums will give you a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and learn parenting tips that others swear by. Take the role of the social butterfly and extend the invite to your friends of friends and host a low key morning afternoon tea and a catch up. Not only will you be able to indulge in some mature chit chat but the kids will benefit from one another’s company and learn necessary social skills, like sharing, empathy and independence. Gone are the days of constantly eating out. Make the day feel special and bring the café to you.

Set the scene

Inject some finesse into your entertainment area with a white tablecloth, tea tray, coloured tumbler. Don’t be afraid to mix and Match. Chabby chic, is just that – Chic. Freshly Cut flowers from your garden will add a touch of color and softness.

Dinner photos

2. Drinks

When you’re breast feeding it’s always most important to keep hydrated. A jug filled with water and lemon slices and mint is a always refreshing. You can alternate the lemons for Strawberries with mint for something a bit different. Lemon slices with cloves stuck in will add a nice aroma to your tea cup.


3. Food

Keep the catering nice and simple with easy to follow recipes – finger food makes for a less formal occasion and will free up mum’s hand whilst she’s holding bub. You’ll be surprised how exciting a little cheese, crackers and grapes can look when you put them on the right colourful/ patterned plate. You could also try my easy 3 ingredient classic shortbread recipe. The aroma will be sure to invite the neighbours in. My Ginger Chilli Lime Prawns are perfect as a quick throw together and guaranteed to leave your guests asking, “How does she do it?”

Cookies and Strawberries

4. Add a theme

I once went to a “Melbourne Cup Day” afternoon tea, gave myself and the girls a chance to put on a fancy hat. The children had their own jockey race – they made their own jockey jerseys, we took bets in the form of lollies and ate a lot of cake.

5. Afterwards – Take a Stroll (especially if you’ve got a park nearby)

Walking is a super easy way to gain a bit of exercise and an even easier activity to plan with a friend! Going for a wander will release feel-good endorphins which is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Whip out the stroller and the kids will be delighted to get out of the house and into the fresh air and sunlight. Not only will your legs get a great work out but pushing a pram will add an extra little definition to your arms too. And your little tykes will be nicely prepped for nap time.

Well that’s it for now… I’m returning to my sickbed… Did I mention I’ve been knocked back with the flu… It’s soo-ooo not sexy….

Before I forget have you looked at the goodies on my Favourite things page for September? Time to go shopping girls.

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I’m Betty, and Butter is a story of a full-time suburban SAHM ( Stay-At-Home-Mom) who practices Medicine in her spare time. My life heavily revolves around Babycakes, my husband, Bobby and Ben, my children and an acerbic tongued pug D’Artagnan.

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  1. Kristine says:

    I will make the booby biscuits!! Baby cakes was very spoilt on fathers day. My dad got a few photos in a frame and I thought I was doing well! Lol 🙂

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