Christmas and other miracles

So Christmas this year started off with a not so bang. In the run up to our getting away to our Getaway, somehow I did something to my back. Listen ladies, having experienced what possible retirement village sex could be like, anyone tells you the risks are too high for that Hip replacement – Take it. Trust me there are worse ways to go. One of them being slowly due to an abysmal lack of fireworks in the bedroom.

Sexercise is a real thing, people. Post-holidays, it’s the most convenient way to get back in shape for bikini season. Chez-Butter, tried and tested, true.

Anyways, so I was running around trying to do all I do, do pre-trip – I always do a big clean. Nothing like coming home to a clean house with fresh sheets on your bed to ease the post-vaycay blues. PLus coming back to that “there’s something rotting in the fridge” smell is the worst. I clear out my fridge and dispose all the possible avenues for mould.

My good friend HIH coined the phrase Business Trip for family trips of any kind. And she’s right. These are certainly adventures for the kids but hardwork for us SAHM. But I was determined to have my rest and Babycakes obliged.

I will add I was guilt free completely Outsourcing Christmas this year. After years, of waking up at 4am to start the marathon session, I decided to see what the Aussie Christmas was all about.

Aussie Christmas = Seafood + Champagne!

I could definitely get used to this.

Channel 9 news stated that approximately 125 TONNES of prawns will be consumed Australia wide over the holidays.

Getting to our Getaway, I was pleased they had obliged with the Tree. Isn’t it wonderful?


It was the only way I could get Bobby into the car. Apparently, Santa needs a tree, and Bobby needs a tree to leave out Santa’s cookies.


Which reminds me. That was one thing I did not outsource this year – My Christmas Cookies. This year I made Bell sandwich cookies – with all the melee of packing I did not have time for artistry

By Midnight, Santa’s work was complete. Complete with Credit Card bill for Babycakes & I.


Christmas Morning wrapping paper mayhem. Waste of money getting anything for Bobby… Next year, well get him reams of wrapping paper instead.


We thought it would be hilarious to get Ben A Minion Bob…


And in true little brother fashion, he only wanted to play with his big brother’s toys… when the wrapping paper was discarded.


And most importantly… Room service for breakfast – a good feed after the clean up.


Then down to sample the resort.


Aren’t I terribly naughty? I told Bobby the artificial lagoon was the actual beach… Before you judge me, there are live fish, you can snorkel  and it is completely Shark free. I’m a Concrete Princess.


Christmas lunch was a crustacean delight – copious amounts of lobster, moreton bugs, crab, oysters, mussels, prawns, lagoustines…. heavenly… I could really get used to this each year.

FullSizeRender(47) FullSizeRender(48)

Obligatory family photo


Lunch the next day… because is it even possible to have enough seafood?


I lounged by the pool, read a whole chapter of a book undisturbed… a small victory, seeing as I had little hope of actually finishing a book.

And it was special to have Babycakes all to myself each night… No phone calls, no stress, no work the next day. Beautiful.

Our last night we had more seafood Japanese style.


Shame we had to leave….

Word(s) of The Day

Sexercise – The Romans did it and Henry VIII perfected it. Don’t b coy, you know how your babies got here…

Business Trip – The great family vaycay… Fun for kids, stress all round for SAHM – packing,planning and if your hunny works as much as mine, you are probably the travel agent and chief welfare officer as well as tour guide, chief sunscreen applicator, Chauffeur and Bedtime Sergeant… Just make sure you make time for a cocktail or two.

Outsourcing – When a SAHM hands over the reins. Othrwise known as deligating. To paid Professionals.

Concrete Princess – We live in a bubble where we go from home to car to office. Holidays are usually resort style. Camping is Glamping. The flora and fauna consist of the Algae in our seaweed wraps. I am very unapologetic for this. Yes I am living a little, see previous line about algae.



I’m Betty, and Butter is a story of a full-time suburban SAHM ( Stay-At-Home-Mom) who practices Medicine in her spare time. My life heavily revolves around Babycakes, my husband, Bobby and Ben, my children and an acerbic tongued pug D’Artagnan.

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