Birthday Season and other calamities

Hi Everyone! I’m Ba-aaack!

Yes, I have had the most horrendous 4 weeks. First I was sick (sad face). Then Ben was sick. Then Bobby was sick. Both babies ended up in the hospital within 24 hours of each other. Bobby was in for a week!

Seeing as there will be recipes involved in this post, I will desist from giving you blow-by-blow details on the vomiting, the explosive diarrhoea… Enough? let’s move on.

Oh, and apparently Babycakes was sick too… This time genuinely, not Man-flu. He says he has now gained a deeper respect for me. having had intractable nausea for 48 hours, he doesn’t know why we have 2 children… Considering my history of Hypermemesis… Ladies, talk about walking 0.0001 miles in my shoes… LOL.

My house has been visited by a team of elves that have swiftly disinfected, de-grimed, de-limed and destroyed all evidence of said 4 weeks… It is all but a grim memory.

Ben had his birthday 4 weeks ago. So his Montessori teacher said. I should have known. Technically, it WAS my uterus…

The convo went something along the lines of;

Me: So It’s Ben’s birthday next week..

Her: mmHmm, Monday.

Me: Er… no, Thursday / Friday?

Her: No. Monday.

Me: Er, Thursday/ Friday.

Her: No. the &%th is Monday. THIS Monday

Me: Oh, *Beep*

Yes. No Mother of the Year prizes around here.

I had hummed and hawed for the last few weeks, multiple Business Meetings, multiple cups of coffee. Multiple chinwags. No decisions. So I entered Last minute-ville.

Well. I did the only thing a girl could do – offer to babysit any kiddies who are Ben’s best friends on the Monday while their parents go to work. Yes. Read that all over again.

Now, usually if you offer to take someone’s kid, the polite thing to do is ask “are you sure?”. The parents did. But this time because they must have thought I was completely bonkers.

Turns out they are right – I was completely off my rocker. In hind sight. That’s usually 20/20.

As for the cake. Every Colleague I know has mastered the mommy-jedi-mind-trick.

Ben: I want a lightening McQueen birthday party

Me: Yes, lovely. How about Peppa Pig?

Ben: But I want Lightening McQueen cake

Me: Yes, yes, Peppa Pig cake

Ben: I LOVE Peppa pig!

And that folks, is how it’s done.

Being the, as they would say on the emerald isle, “Complete eejit”, that I am, I ended up making not one but two Peppa Pig cakes. Like one version of the bane of my existence immortalised in several kilos of sugar wasn’t enough.

I can’t draw to save my life. I think I was one child that got rice thrown as she exited the Fine Arts class to join the other Science minded goons in Physics.

This is where Babycakes comes in. Did I ever mention Babycakes is ambidextrous? Now ask yourself how THAT could possible relate to confectionery sugar creations. Well, my dears, It means as well as being a super-science head, Babycakes can also use the other side of his brain artfully (pun-ny, ay?).

The second cake had to be egg-free. I used my favourite recipe.

This has become my favorite celebratory cake recipe. It is quick, easy and ever so moist. It also keeps well. Once refrigerated, to serve leave to come to room temperature before serving and it will still be soft, buttery and… mmhmm good.

Vanilla Peppa Pig Cake











It’s the last days of winter here in Oz. I love the cold because of all the yummy Soups and Stews I get to make. Usually moped up with a bit of Betty’s Bread.

I actually decided to try out our local butcher. I tried not to cry when I handed over my card. Turns out it’s an organic butcher. Ka-ching! Next time, I will stick to my usual stores. There was no real taste difference, except for the fact that I now know how to choose my cuts. Yes, I know I could have googled. And the advice would have been free…

In other news my “Twin” is having a bubby!! I’m so excited! Can’t wait to meet her little one… We’ve both grown up together – college, first jobs, marriages, babies… But now I live in Oz, so I won’t be there every step of the way.

Before I forget! here’s a picture of a mini chocolate pudding pie I made, nicely styled for your viewing pleasure. Actually it was for a dinner I had with J a while ago.

I used half cookie half almond meal to the base AND used mascarpone whipped into the cream to finish…. To die for!

I was running low on cookies… So I used my little helpers to make some yummy Butterscotch cookies…I got this recipe from here.


Ladies, it is a big birthday for me this Friday…. My 20-something birthday…. I am FOREVER 20-something… The girls are going to help me let my hair down. I think I’ve earned it, this past month.

But before I go, any of you have any tips for me on transitioning from the boob to the spoon? Ben is giving me hell…

I’m Betty, and Butter is a story of a full-time suburban SAHM ( Stay-At-Home-Mom) who practices Medicine in her spare time. My life heavily revolves around Babycakes, my husband, Bobby and Ben, my children and an acerbic tongued pug D’Artagnan.

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