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 Jeni Wellington takes us through her weight loss journey, dieting secrets, workout routines and debunking those short cuts to weight loss, stating  “There are no shortcuts”. As she worked her way through healthy eating and early morning wake-up calls for workouts, she discovered inner peace, self-confidence and strength of character she did not truly know she possessed. 

Weight loss journey over 12 weeks

Weight loss journey over 12 weeks

First of all, let me assure you that the picture above is me, in the same top and bra over the 12 weeks of my transformation journey. These photos are the same person (me) without any touch-ups… Well, I didn’t show you my face. But I will.

There are no Short Cuts

Day 1 68kg

Day 1 68kg

This is me, the first time I met the lovely Cameron Smith of Camekaze Fitness. I was in denial of how much weight I had gained. My clothes no longer fit, I hated shopping and couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without puffing. But most importantly, I had lost a lot of my already-shaky self-confidence and did not like the girl I saw in the mirror.

I tried all the fad diets. And as someone who had never consistently worked out in her life, I thought that all my previous “tricks” would work from when I was a 22 year old student. They didn’t. Not because I wasn’t 22 anymore, but because I was a woman who had had 2 babies, had aged about 10 years and had not worked out consistently in just as long.

There are no short cuts.

You’re just going to have to eat. Eat right.

3 weeks in... 1.5kg down

3 weeks in… 1.5kg down

First thing I expected was some crazy diet where I lived on a bowl of cabbage soup for a week. Or nibbling a carrot for 2 weeks.


I learned you’ve got to eat. Eat right. Eat right, at the right time. Eat the right things, at the right time, alright?

  1. Breakfast – should be eaten within 30 minutes of opening your eyes. Do not skip breakfast. I usually have my first set of carbs here – whatever I wanting, ensuring it equates to 1-2 serves of carbohydrates .
  2. BUT YOU JUST SAID Carbs?!!! Aren’t we skipping those?!!! Most people will grab a coffee or tea for breakfast, thinking they are being healthy and save that big bowl of rice/pasta for dinner time, thinking they have been healthy all day and now they can splurge. Think of your body as a car. Your car does not use fuel when parked in your garage (night time, when you are sleeping). Your car uses less fuel while waiting at a traffic light (day time sitting at your desk or on your sofa on the weekends). Your car needs fuel when it is on the go, doing your errands, school runs, getting you to work. Same with your body. You need fuel for your workouts, to run around doing your errands, cleaning your house and caring for your active children. Why would you starve your body when it needs the fuel the most?
  3. Do I count my calories? Yes I do – calorie counting helps you visualise your portions on a plate. Cameron introduced me to the myfitnesspal App. Not only does it have almost EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD but you can manually add in your recipes to get exact calories and Macros Analysis on what you are eating.
  4. Can I eat a Snack? Yes, you definitely can – use your fitness app tracker for suggestions on healthy eating – snack on vegetables, nuts, fruits. Remember, you’re aiming for up to six meals a day!
  5. SIX MEALS A DAY??!! Yes, 6 meals a day. Small portions often. And if you’re a busy Momma on the go like I am, as I run around, sometimes I’ll grab a protein shake to make sure I don’t skip a meal. When you skip a meal the hunger will have you sneakily and guiltily eating that bar of chocolate that has no nutritional value whatsoever ever…
  6. What about when I go out to dinner? What do I eat??!! When in doubt, I order the Eye fillet (lean Protein)  under 200g (portion control) and green salad with french dressing. I choose either an entree or dessert… And always share that with Babycakes… Saving money and calories #WINNING.
  7. So, I’m NEVER going to eat carbs or chocolate EVER AGAIN?? Or eat yummy things at nice restaurant… Girl, Bye… But you will. You will but before you do, get your eating schedule right, get your exercise regimen going and you’ll learn when and how to add treats… And you know, the funny thing is that once you start seeing the results, you won’t feel like sabotaging yourself with that extra large piece of cake… You will enjoy that regular slice, you will savour every bite. Because that cake will represent the sweet taste of success.


Workouts – No Pain, No gain.

Breakfast, then workout

Breakfast, then workout

Remember I said there are no shortcuts. You’ve got to put in the work. And I mean workouts.

  1. I don’t have time… I’m a mom, I’ve got a job… So am I and so do I. If you want something badly enough, you will find the time and will put things in place to do it. Stop making excuses for yourself.
  2. Support Systems: I love you Chrissy Tiegen. I love the fact that Chrissy finally said what we’ve all been thinking… Having money for a trainer, a nanny, a nutritionist makes it easier. So why would we look at celebrities for weight loss, dieting or exercise advice? Ask a fellow mum! Someone in your group of friends or a neighbour how they do it. They probably have good ideas. MY support team is – My Husband, Babycakes. If I wake up that little bit earlier, do the school lunches, prep breakfast, get the school uniforms & school bags ready, he will feed the kids, bathe them and drop them off on his way to work, so I can workout in peace, shower and get to work myself. It’s true, Teamwork Makes The Dream Work.
  3. But I don’t know what I’m doing? Where do I begin? If you’ve had a baby like I and injuries like I’ve acquired over the years, you’d have probably heard from your physiotherapists that you need special exercises. If not, go to your GP, tell them you want to make a change and they will help you. Your doctor wants the change as badly as you do. You can find out what is covered by your health insurance or if you have diabetes or hypertension, Medicare can help you out. But talk to them. It’s what they do best – Dietitian referrals, weight loss or weight management clinics, physiotherapy. It’s all there. All you have to do is ask.
  4. But, I can’t go to exercise classes, I’ve got an injury/I’ve got rectus diastasis/I’m too lazy/I work long hours/ It’s too hard… There is always a solution, you just need to look and ask. For me, I looked on Gumtree – I found Cameron. He was willing to come to my house (so I definitely can’t run away or not wake up). To offset the costs, I got a small group of eager Mummas – one of my Besties, H, my neighbour, G. And he was willing to give us a small group rate. That way, it was affordable and tailored to our own needs. There is always a solution. Don’t give up.


It begins to pay off.

Early Morning Sass!

Early Morning Sass!

Besides the joy of fitting into those Skinny Jeans, the benefits are endless –

  1. More Energy – Due to better fuel-efficiency by giving your body what it needs at the right time, as well as muscle strengthening you will definitely have more pep in your step.
  2. Better Mood – Serotonin Boosts with workouts fighting those PMS mood swings
  3. Acne be GONE – Increased and improved circulation will send those dark circles packing, your skin will glow and you’ll need less concealer as there would be nothing to conceal.
  4. Skinny Bitch UNLoading – As you start to gain self-confidence and feel good hormones are circulating, you’ll notice a change in your handling of situations. Your fuel-starved brain is able to perform those higher executive functions. As you are able to do more, you’ll meet those deadlines. You’ll play with your kids more… and “play” with your Babycakes more… Happy Wife, Happy Home Life.
  5. More SEX. Better SEX – Seriously. You have strengthened those pelvic and core muscles. You have more energy. Your self-confidence has gone up and so will your self-esteem. With those happy hormones circulating, you will notice your relationship strengthen. It’s the perfect recipe for Bedroom Fireworks.

The Results.

Today - 63.5kg

Today – 63.5kg

It’s not just about the numbers on the scales. My clothing sizes have gone down. Yes, I’ve lost nearly 5kg, but I’ve lost 5cm off my waist, 6cm off my shoulders, 5cm off my chest & 5cm off my hips. I’m 5kg down, but my body fat content is definitely lower. A lean muscle machine.

It's all in the numbers

It’s all in the numbers

And my journey isn’t close to over.

It doesn’t end here, girls… I’m going to keep the fight going for my health, to be here for my kids, to keep the tool box full to look after my family.

Thanks my journey so far, I home you’ll join me, I’d love to hear your story. You can join me on Instagram for workouts posts including live workout videos so you can join in the fun! But most of all, I hope you know we can all do it. 

I’m Betty, and Butter is a story of a full-time suburban SAHM ( Stay-At-Home-Mom) who practices Medicine in her spare time. My life heavily revolves around Babycakes, my husband, Bobby and Ben, my children and an acerbic tongued pug D’Artagnan.

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